Using Your Gifts in Giving

Tis (almost) the season for giving … giving thanks, and then giving gifts. Of course, we ought always to be thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:18), and always be giving gifts (Romans 12:6). So, let me help us think a little deeper about the kind of gifts we give to honor the Lord and bless one another.

Gifts of Sacrifice

It doesn’t matter what you have, how much or how little. What matters is what you do with what you have. Do you consume it on yourself? Do you hoard resources, preparing the back-up to the back-up? Do you do the least to get by? Or does your heart overflow with a desire to put yourself in a place where you have to rely on God to give to you because you have given to others? It comes so easy to think about how to have our own needs met, and rationalize how we need what we’ve been given for ourselves. Don’t think “big”, just think “sacrificial”.

Gifts of Self

It’s nice to get stuff, it’s nicer to “get” connection with the person who did the giving of the stuff. Think about who God uniquely created you and how to give some of that away to others. Use words, use creativity, use thoughtfulness, use purpose, and use a heart that knows what God has done IN you is the most important thing about you. Share that!

Using your gifts is more than serving in a church ministry, volunteering in the community, or wrapping a present to share with another. Using your gifts is more about cherishing the greatest gift that was given to you. That then makes you a person who can regularly look outside of your own little world, be thoughtful about what truly blesses another human, and give gifts that fit the Gospel gift of grace you’ve been given. Pray for me in this, and I will pray for you this holiday season!

  • Mark Spansel

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