I have been continuing my journey through the book of Romans and recently was convicted by this verse, “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. Rom 10:1” In the verse we have Paul continuing from chapter 9 his desire to see the Jews saved. The word for prayer here is ‘dee’sis’ which gets translated prayer or supplication in the New Testament. The root that it comes from implies a felt need that is both personal and urgent.

Meditating on this I was convicted of my sinful heart that at times obsesses with maintaining the peace in relationships with people outside of God’s Grace and if I am honest a prayer life for my unsaved friends that is often lacking in being either personal or urgent for their situation.

In the verse we see Paul pleading to God for the salvation of the Jews. These are the same Jews that for the most part totally rejected Paul’s message, slandered his reputation, incited mobs to stone with the intent of killing him, and caused him to be imprisoned in Jerusalem for two years … and Paul is still pleading for their salvation.

Father, forgive me for the coldness of my heart at times toward the lost. Change my prayer life that I might plead for your grace and mercy to be revealed in the world you have placed around my life. Move by the power of your Spirit both in my life and the lives around me to bring a harvest for your Glory.

  • Steve Selle

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